Modern Poetry 外国诗爬取过程

The most comprehensive database of modern Chinese poetry and foreign poetry 最全的中国近现代诗以及外国诗数据库

Modern poetry 现代诗数据库爬取过程

Modern poetry 最全的中国近现代诗数据库,包含约 5000 首中国现代诗、3000 首当代诗、三万首近现代诗。数据来源于互联网。

Github 快速下载

Github 高速下载的一种可行方法。

Wechat article pictures downloader

This downloader can be used to download pictures from wechat article.

Python: Gridea posts change tags

Tags can classify each article in its category. But when you need to change tags in Gridea, you will find it very difficult since the maker doesn't make this function in Gridea. Thus, I write this program to solve this problem.

Python: A program help you to recite

We always need to recite something. But directly looking at the words with the definition nearby is not a good way to recite. Thus, I write this program to randomly assign the order of the words and put the definition of each word at the bottom of the file to help us recite easier.