Design: Cover image

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Tim, Q. "Design: Cover image". Serence, 2019,
Tim, Q. (2019). Design: Cover image. Serence. Retrieved from

I want to make my special cover image in some social contact software, while I also notice some fantastic gradients recently. Thus, I decide to make my own cover image!

The meaning of vagrant:
To most of people, it seems that vagrant is a negative word, meaning someone beg on the street. But vagrant can actually has another layer of meaning, kind of its underlying philosophical value, especially for modern world.
Everyone in this world now has some extent of isolation of the society, the friend, and family. The seperation exponentially enlarge itself in the modern world - the era of technology. Everyone become the "vagrants": They wander in their working place; They don't know what they should do at the beginning of the day...
But it doesn't mean that people are entirely cruel, cold-blooded, idle. People are both cold and warm. In this era, at some extent, people often automatically switch from the state of cold to the state of warm. It seems that it is more and more difficult for homo sapien to enjoy the job brought by others, to touch by the others. Everyone build a wall in his or her heart...