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Including information about chrome 78 experimental features

Chrome 78 has many outstanding experimental features. And the purpose of writing this article is to introduce and record some useful experimental features.

Recommend experimental features:

Override software rendering listOpen this feature can allow chrome use GPU to accelerate even in the unsupportable devices
Enable Reader ModeA new feature in chrome. It can allow user to read the article in reader mode
Smooth ScrollingAnimate smoothly when scrolling page content
Experimental QUIC protocolQUIC is the abbreviation for quick udp internet connection. It can reduce the opening time of websites.
Experimental JavaScriptEnable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features
Experimental WebAssemblyEnable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly features
WebAssembly threads supportEnables support for the WebAssembly Threads proposal
Pull-to-refresh gesture [optional]It can add support pull-to-refresh
WebGL 2.0 ComputeWeb GL is some api for printing 3D graph. Open this new feature can increase the speed of printing 3D graph
Zero-copy rasterizerIncrease the loading speed of website
Enable New Print Preview UI LayoutPrint Preview will display a new UI layout
Parallel downloadingIncrease the download speed of chrome
Tab Hover CardsEnables a popup containing tab information to be visible when hovering over a tab
Tab Hover Card ImagesShows a preview image in tab hover cards, if tab hover cards are enabled. This new feature can allow user to

Reader mode

New printing UI

Tab Hover Cards

❗️ Alarm:

Do not open Experimental Web Platform features!
Do not open Experimental Web Platform features!
Do not open Experimental Web Platform features!

Opening this feature will cause some websites layout errors

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