Assembly language - Hello World

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Tim, Q. "Assembly language - Hello World". Serence, 2019,
Tim, Q. (2019). Assembly language - Hello World. Serence. Retrieved from

Record of the first program in Assembly Language and the problem of "cannot find"


.Model flat, stdcall

includelib msvcrt.lib

text db "Hello World", 0

main proc
	invoke crt_printf, addr text
main ENDP
END main

I compile this code in Visual Studio 2017. It shows an error when I debug this program.

❌ Cannot find

On the Internet, it seems that no one has the same question like me. It seems that visual studio 2017 lacks some library about Assembly language. But this problem can be solved in the following procedure:

  1. Download masm32 in this website
  2. Install masm32
  3. Change additional library
  4. Change include path in Microsoft Macro Assembler

The problem is solved now!